IN-DEPTH: Der Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT fährt voraus

The story in a second: One of the best, most interesting watches of 2019.

The case

Wow. What a difference a case makes. Hublot, along with their friends at Ferrari’s Centro Stile, has taken the traditional Hublot design codes, deconstructed them, put them through the ringer a few times, and re-assembled them into something that’s very Hublot, but also completely fresh. The lines are dramatically softened, and the overall look is reminiscent of that bubbly, biomorphic school of watch design that had an extended moment in the ’90s. Having said that, it’s clearly a Hublot — the bezel, complete with exposed screws, the big 45mm case, that oversized machine-like crown. All present and correct. But there’s a lack of blockiness that is so refreshing, and entirely well suited to the Classic Fusion family. The soft, satiny finish of this titanium version is also super compelling and (it must be said) supremely photogenic. This watch rates in Jason — our main photo man’s — top watches of 2019. And I agree. 

The dial 

Again, all the Hublot goodness is there, but in a reframed way. It’s an open-worked chronograph (obvs), with radial Arabic numerals alternating with baton markers. The numerals liven the design up significantly, and the overall effect is of depth and interest, but not in an overpowering way. And, this being a Ferrari collaboration, it makes sense to see the prancing pony take pole position, with Hublot’s own branding taking up the six o’clock position. The red chronograph details neatly echo the ‘go’ chronograph pusher. 

The movement

This speed demon is packing Hublot’s in-house flyback, the HUB1280, finished in the same industrial satin style as the case, with another pony occupying the central position of the automotive-inspired rotor. This movement is a newer, slimmer version of the HUB1242, and it looks quite good through the clear caseback.

The strap

No huge surprises here: the hooded lugs flow into the rubber-backed leather strap neatly, and the black leather with black stitching does little to distract from the party at the front. If it was me in Hublot’s design department I would have been tempted to go with a straight-up rubber strap, with no pattern, to amp up those retro ’90s vibes.

On the wrist

Very, very good. Presence, but without the weight, thanks to the titanium. It’s large, but the design makes it feel smaller than it is. One thing to watch out for is the top to bottom length; it’s fairly substantial, so overhang might be an issue for narrower wrists. 

The verdict

I love it. I’m a big fan of Hublot’s Classic Fusion in general, as it possesses much of what makes Hublot great, without being as overpowering as the Big Bangs can be. It’s also an exciting new look for the brand, and I hope to see more (lots more) of this style in the years to come. 

Who’s it for?

Didn’t think you wanted a Hublot? Well, you might want this one. 

What would we change? 

Bold call, but I’d like to see this as a main-line offering, rather than a Ferrari tie-in. 

Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT Price and availability 

Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT, in titanium, limited to 1000 pieces, $28,400 AUD

Made in partnership with Hublot. However, the opinions expressed in this article are our own in accordance with our Editorial Policy.

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