Die 10 Schönsten Sci-Fi-Filme des 21. Jahrhunderts

In the 21st century, science fiction films continue to flourish, commanding massive box office receipts, inspiring our dreams, and all while making technological innovations along the way. There seems to be no end to the awe-inspiring visuals lighting up living rooms, bijous, drive-ins, and multiplexes the world over. Our tireless and exciting search for the … Read more

Die 10 überraschend guten Filme von 2020

Every year, Taste of Cinema takes it upon themselves to write countless end-of-the-year lists. We make an effort to provide lists that highlight the best and the worst cinematic experiences of the year. Historically, the more positive lists tend to get stronger, more positive reactions. That’s why this list is so special. It’s primarily composed … Read more

10 großartige Giallo-Filme, die Sie wahrscheinlich noch nie gesehen haben

Without them, there would be no slasher movie. Seriously. They gave us the first-person perspective during a murder, the successive beautiful women getting stabbed to death, the gratuitous sex, even the idea of revealing the killer’s identity during a final confrontation with the last survivor. Really, what’s Friday The 13th if not an American giallo? … Read more