Muss Business-Gadgets für jedes Unternehmen haben

Good communication lies at the heart of good business. Why? Because people can go into business for themselves, relatively few can go into business _by_ themselves. Whether you’re dealing with employees, contractors, vendors, clients, fans, or customers, you need good communication skills if you want your business to thrive. Good communication can help avoid misunderstandings,… … Read more

Wie man Marktforschung mit kleinem Budget macht

  As an entrepreneur, you need lots of skills in your toolbox, from sales and marketing, through to finance, leadership, administration, and more. However, one of the most important parts of running a business in any industry is communication. Whether you need to convince investors of the merits of your idea, persuade customers to buy… … Read more

Sieben Lektionen, um aus Ihren Geschäftsfehlern zu lernen

This is an exciting time for small business owners, and the same certainly holds true for those who desire to start their own. The last couple of decades has seen growth in the small business sector. As corporate America has downsized, the entrepreneurial spirit has blossomed. The Role of Large Corporations How often do we… … Read more

10 großartige aktuelle Krimi-Filme, die Sie wahrscheinlich noch nie gesehen haben

The crime genre has existed since the earliest days of cinema, and it remains one of the most consistent genres to this day. Crime stories are ever-changing; there are stories that span countless time periods and perspectives, and can be anything from very small independent films to massive blockbusters. It’s hard to imagine just how … Read more

Die 10 besten A24 Horrorfilme

A24 is the studio that revived the American independent cinema and, apart from producing many of the best-received dramas of the last few years, it has also been behind some of the staples of modern horror cinema. Every time A24’s name is attached to a new horror movie we are filled with eagerness, and this … Read more

10 großartige Thrillerfilme, die Sie vielleicht noch nie gesehen haben

A thriller is a film made to excite. A thriller wants to elicit responses like surprise, suspense and anxiety. The genre therefore relies on the experiential part of films. A good thriller creates an intense experience for the watcher, it must leave them on the edge of their seat. To do this filmmakers have come … Read more

Kosten, die bei der Gründung eines Unternehmens zu berücksichtigen sind

  Getting Your Head In The Game Ultimately, a business that you proactively run is an extension of your own body—in a metaphysical sense. If the head of the body (in this case the boss/owner) isn’t in good shape, the body (the company) won’t be. According to, OptiMind is “…a brain-enhancing ‘nootropic’ stack purported… … Read more

5 Möglichkeiten, das Geschäft Ihres Restaurants zu steigern

Start-ups are born from great ideas. Whether it is Uber, the car-hailing app, AirBnB, the online hospitality service or ‘Dropbox’, the file hosting service, each of these businesses started with a single great idea. The timely execution of the ideas in the right manner resulted in their massive success. However, not all start-ups can get… … Read more